The Lost Husband!!

“. . . A sweet tale of creating the family you need.”  —PEOPLE Magazine


“There wasn’t a dull spot in this book–just a really great story about finding home and yourself . . .  It’s really one of the best women’s fiction books I’ve read.”  –Lisa

“. . . a delightful, heartwarming read, and I highly recommend it.”  -Viki

“. . . Uplifting without sugar-coating the complexities of life.” –Jocelyn

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“. . . A quick, feel-good read that you can pass on to friends and family knowing that you’re spreading around a little bright spot of happy.” –Stacey

“This compelling story about moving on and self-discovery was just amazing. ”  –Amber

“An original and compusively readable story.”  –Meg

“You won’t be able to put it down, and, long after you have, it will still be on your mind.”  –Tonya

“Beautiful story of reinvention and reclaiming one’s life after loss.”  –Carrie

“A book about love and loss and finding out who you are all over again . . .”  — Rachel

“Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good book to get involved in.”  –BeautifulSunshine

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