From the New York Times bestselling author of The Bodyguard comes a hopelessly romantic novel about finding love, confronting a haunting past, and figuring out what, and who, really matters.

Coming SUMMER of 2023!!!

“Where to start! Where to start! This book is hands-down, the most unique, original, and beautiful work of art I have read in a long time!”


“How does Katherine Center always write such a damn good story?!”


“I have said it before, and I’ll say it again—Katherine Center can do no wrong. I adored this book. Her characters are endlessly relatable, her love interests bring the swoons, and I finish every book feeling as if I’ve been wrapped in a warm hug. HELLO STRANGER is easily one of my favorite books this year.”



This heart-warming, adorable romcom is a perfect dose of sunshine in this dreary world.”



“Oh my, oh my!! I stayed up half the night finishing this book. It’s Katherine Center’s most brilliant novel yet.”



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The main character in HELLO STRANGER has a condition called “acquired apperceptive prosopagnosia,” also known as face blindness. There are two basic types of face blindness: (1) developmental, which is a condition people have all their lives and is most often related to remembering faces, and (2) acquired, which usually results from some type of injury to the area of the brain specific to perceiving faces (traumatic brain injury, stroke).

Damage to the area of the brain that is specialized for perceiving faces makes it impossible to snap the components of the face together into a recognizable whole. People with this condition can see that it’s a face—see the eyes and nose and mouth—but the whole thing never comes together. The best way of thinking about it that I came across in my research was to look at faces upside down. The people below are all famous. You’d probably recognize them if they were right side up. But upside down like this, your brain doesn’t know how to make sense of them. Flip the image right side up to see how many of these folks you recognize!


Scroll down a smidge for answer key!!


To learn more about face blindness, please visit, a site run jointly by Harvard, Dartmouth, and the University of London. The site can connect you with online tests to check your own facial recognition abilities. Both this New Yorker article by Oliver Sacks, and Sadie Dingfelder’s fascinating essay in The Washington Post, My Life with Face Blindness, are very compelling reads with great information about face blindness. The podcast FaceBlind is also a great place to learn more.



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Can I give a book a million stars? Because Hello Stranger deserves them ALL! I’m still buzzing with the joy that comes from finishing this lovely book that completely swept me off my feet from cover to cover.”



“Wow. Hello Stranger is an utterly compelling & entertaining & giddy anticipation-filled read. As always, Katherine Center managed to make me feel so many different emotions at once. From the first chapter all the way to the author’s note . . . Katherine Center’s books always leave me feeling a bit awestruck. I feel uplifted, I feel like I learned something, I feel the joy of having found and truly delighted in a really good story.”



I simply adore Katherine Center books! I have read at least five and each one is better than the last one I read, if that is even possible. Try as hard as I might, I am unable to pick a favorite — they are all my favorites! It’s easy to devour her books because they are just so delicious, delightful and deeply satisfying. You will always find wit, sincerity and wisdom in Ms. Center’s words and an uplifting story that will fill your heart.”



Such a beautiful story about triumph in the most difficult of times. Absolutely loved it. 5 stars!”



I DEVOURED this book in one sitting. It was the perfect comfort read for the day before Thanksgiving. Everyone knows I adore Katherine and I’ll read anything she’s ever written, but when I tell you that THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BOOK. The story was unique (You’ve Got Mail feels), there was tension, and hope, and the happiest ending ever. 🥹”



“Can I give a book more than five stars? This one needs ALL of them! It’ perfection on paper!”



This was such a beautiful and unique book. It explores the concept of grief, perseverance, boldness, truth & love. This is Katherine Center at her best.”



If you are looking for a book that has a whole lot of humor, swoony romantic vibes, fantastic main and supporting characters, and a whole lot of heart, this is the book for you. I would give it 10 stars if I could. Somehow Center always manages to speak to my soul.”



“5 stunning stars! Katherine Center is a ‘drop-everything’ author for me. When I was offered the chance to read her newest book, that’s exactly what I did! All other books were pushed aside, and I savored this read! If there was a way to give it 15 stars I would! I toyed with immediately re-reading it, but I think I will save that for a day when I need to reclaim joy!”



I just love Katherine Center’s books. My only complaint is that this one wasn’t long enough.”



Katherine Center can string any words together and I’ll gladly read them. Her stories bring a fresh take to the genre, and Hello Stranger did that more than ever. Just when you think you have it figured out, think again! There are twists and turns and also so much warmth, humor, and heart. With a narrator who cannot trust her own brain and a story that requires you to take a closer look at every interaction, Hello Stranger once again shows Katherine Center’s strength in finding that magical balance of filling your heart completely and leaving you wanting more.”



My new favorite Katherine Center book! Katherine Center offers us a heart warming, HUG of a story, filled with her trademark humor—and dancing! And, it was EXACTLY what I needed!”



What an absolutely delightful read!! This novel is a brilliant piece of art! This story is so brilliant in its concept—and even when you ‘figure it out’ you simply cannot put it down.”



While I might be biased as I love a good Katherine Center love story, this one hit it out of the ballpark. I LOVE LOVE LOVED this unique story about Sadie.”



This book! If you’re still considering, just go for it! I couldn’t put it down! It’s a sweet book that made me keep guessing what was gonna happen until the end. I love the little twist even though you start guessing the end it’s still such a good feeling in your heart when you read it. I love Katherine Center Books and I wish I could sign up for a fan club or something! Ever since I read “How to walk away” I felt in love with the way she writes, and then came “Things you save in a fire” and then “Bodyguard” this year and it just gets better every book.”



She did it again! This is only my second novel I read from Katherine Center but it’s just as amazing as The Bodyguard. I love how unique this concept is and it felt so fresh especially for the romance category.”



Katherine Center gets it right every time. This book is sweet, funny, serious, sexy, and meaningful. Every time I read one of her books, I know I’m going to get a great story, some fun romance, and a lesson. Tears were shed, I snort laughed, and I commit to asking for help (or at least accepting) help when I need it!”



Another winner from Katherine Center!”



I’ve read this author before and I have to say this is by far my favorite of hers to date. The characters were so well written, it was so interesting, and I just loved it.”



This was everything I wanted in a book. I ADORED it. Sadie was so relatable and Joe the neighbour was to DIE FOR. Let’s not forget about those plot twists and turns AHHH IM OBSESSED. I will never forget about this book. This will always hold a place in my heart.”



Katherine Center books are my absolute favorite and I was BEYOND excited to get this one early! And it was absolutely no surprise that this one was another 5 star favorite for me! It was a complete joy to read from start to finish, even though it definitely covered some heavier topics and pulled at the heart strings.”



I loved it. Katherine Center can do no wrong. She remains an autobuy for me. Read this in one sitting the day I got it!”



Katherine Center books are always a joy to read.”