“You guys. She did it. Katherine Center wrote the most perfect rom-com ever.”


Fifty million bajillion stars! This book could not have been more perfect.”


“A chef’s kiss of a romance novel.”


“This romcom is flawless.”


Pure magic.”


It’s all the stars all day long.”


“This is the rom-com to make you love rom-coms.”


“The Rom-Commers is a triumph of storytelling—a heartwarming and hilarious rom-com that will leave you feeling all the feels. Katherine Center has once again proven herself to be a master of the genre, delivering a novel that is as funny as it is touching. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, look no further than The Rom-Commers—it’s guaranteed to leave you smiling long after you’ve turned the final page.”


She’s rewriting his love story. But can she rewrite her own?


Charlie Yates is a great writer. He wrote the epic screenplay that made Jack Stapleton a household name—and became a household name himself. But now he’s written a romantic comedy . . . and it’s terrible.


Emma Wheeler could have been a great writer—but her life didn’t quite go like she planned. Now, when she gets the chance to rewrite Charlie’s apocalyptically bad screenplay—uncredited, of course—she jumps.


But Charlie doesn’t want anyone to rewrite his work—least of all a “failed nobody screenwriter”—and Emma can’t support a guy who doesn’t like rom-coms adding another terrible rom-com to the world.


So what choice do they have, really . . . but to fall stupidly, crazily, heart-poundingly in love?

“Every Katherine Center story is my most looked-forward-to book of the entire year.”


An absolute gem of a novel that combines humor, love, and poignancy in equal measure.”


“I don’t even have to read a Katherine Center book to know I’m going to give it five stars; that’s how confident I am in her ability to write exactly the book I want to read. She writes it. I read it. I love it. It’s actually quite simple.”


“How many stars can I give? Are endless stars an option?”


Center writes—and nails—an authentic ode to joy every single time.”


“Easily one of the best rom-coms I have ever read.”


“An absolutely perfect emotional adventure.”


Just inject anything Katherine Center writes into my veins.”


The Rom-Commers is *not* a sequel to The Bodyguard—they are totally separate stories, and you can read them in any order—but it is a story about Hollywood . . . and Jack Stapleton does make a cameo!

“In a world of books incorrectly billed as romcoms when they are low on both rom and com, The Rom-Commers was a massive delight.



Katherine Center has officially restored my faith in rom-coms. She is redefining the genre, and I’m here for it.”


“This is the best book I’ve read this year. I was giggling and kicking my feet this entire book oh my god. This was perfect.”



So fun! This book had me hooked from page one. Katherine Center just knows how to write.”



I laughed, I guffawed, I cried, I blubbered. Partially because the writing flows like nothing I’ve ever read, and partially because I guzzled 3 of my specialty summer cocktail over 5 hours. I will happily consume more Katherine Center novels, if it means I’m left with this blissfult heart wrenching book hangover.”



“Katherine Center did it again. And I am not just saying this because she just might be my favorite writer of all time. All I can say is it was a whole rollercoaster of emotions from the start to the finish, I cried a bit , I laughted a whole lot, I felt second hand embarrassment so hard that I thought I was going to explode 🤣😭😭💕 and I still kept going. Above all, in true Katherine Center flair, I was left thinking about life in general with a whole different outlook, the fmc’s father said (and I’m paraphrasing) “It’s not about where you’re going but how you get there.” I am taking that with me in all I’m doing in my future. 🫶🏾 The romance was so heartwarming, like SO SO HEARTWARMING, the epilogue was beautifully written urgh I loved it I loved it I loved it. ❤️‍🩹”



⭐️ Favorite book of 2024 so far! ⭐️ I cried, I laughed, I wanted more. I LOVE Katherine Center, her novels, and how much she loves romance novels.”



I want more stars. The heavens are pouring down stars for this lovely love story. I did not want it to end.”



Okay, everyone!! Katherine Center has outdone herself. This book right here….is so good I could spit! The premise is just, PERFECT. The characters are simply, ICONS. I laughed so hard and just had to sit there in silence sometimes to take in the perfect dialogue. I was in awe of the story she told and how it made me want to tell a better story to myself about my own life. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It restored me.



Couldn’t put it down. Can’t stop smiling. KC’s sixth sense must include an ability to hold the contrast of the hard & tragic with the funny, beautiful, & hopeful in the perfect counter tension. Her stories are like Goldilocks—not too Pollyanna-ish; not too heavy or dark; but just right—and her writing often leaves me wanting to being a better person and to make happy choices.”



I laughed, I cried, I squealed, I sighed. The banter was perfection! The romance was swoon-worthy. I will be ordering a physical copy of this book for annotation.”



Where do I even begin to express my love for this book? Let me count the ways. Emma is the epitome of a perfect female lead—intelligent, determined, confident in her abilities, and fiercely devoted to her family and friends. Charlie, with his grumpy exterior and a soft, cinnamon roll center, is an irresistible character who quickly falls for Emma’s charms and wit, much to his own surprise. Their banter is delightful, their chemistry electrifying, and they’ve swiftly become one of my all-time favorite book couples. The way Charlie looks at Emma with admiration, the way Emma loves everything about Charlie—it’s all so beautifully and hilariously written and utterly swoon-worthy. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this delightful book!”



Y’all… Read. This. Book! I just adore Katherine Center! She could literally write a book on astrophysics and I would drop everything I’m doing to read it. Don’t even bother reading the blurb for this one . . . just grab a blanket, cup of warm (insert your beverage of choice) and cozy up with this read. You’re gonna love it! Bravo Mrs. Center on another masterpiece!



“There are not words to describe my absolute love of this book. I giggled, I kicked my feet, I laughed out loud, I cried sad tears, I cried happy tears, I BLUSHED . . . AT. A. BOOK.”



I couldn’t put this book down (even into the late hours of the night). I laughed so hard while reading it that my husband went out and bought earplugs.”



This plot is amazing, this book is amazing, the writing is amazing. She look all the cliches of a rom-com and un-cliched them. It’s funny and witty and enchanting. This book truly makes you believe in love again. I got butterflies on every chapter and that’s how I know it’s a great book. I loved it and so will you, go read this book!!”



Katherine Center has an incredible talent in which she makes me laugh (like actually giggle), cry (sobbing in some places), and just constantly smile (like a lunatic).”



“An absolute gem of book—no notes!”



“Katherine Center is an author whose words resonate with my soul. The Rom-Commers is so, so much fun. I wish I could give it more than five stars because I loved it more than I can express. I can’t even count the amount of times I found myself chuckling out loud or with a grin on my face while listening to this book. There are so many moments that are, in a word, delightful. Watching these characters make mistakes, participate in incredible banter, overcome fears, and blossom into better people was like sitting in your favorite chair with your favorite book, favorite drink, and favorite blanket cape—comforting and soothing and rejuvenating. How I wish this book could have lasted forever. Already I find myself looking forward to reading it again, and we’re only twelve hours out from when I finished it the first time. (If that gives you any indication of how much I enjoyed this book.) Katherine Center is a master, and I will forever read anything she writes. The end. Definitely recommend this book to absolutely everyone. Swoony, engaging, and fun, this book is one you won’t want to miss.”



I am always awestruck at how Katherine Center consistently brings fictional characters to life. I will never pass up a read by my favorite author, despite knowing the ache I’ll carry for a few days after. Despite the number of pages, I always want more time with the cast. She animates them to the exact amount of personality and realism that I miss them! I could have read 100 more pages and not lost interest.”



Have you ever read a book that feels like it was written just for you? I hadn’t until I read this book.”



I have absolutely no words! I’m blown away by this book in so many ways! The banter, the comedy, the sweet moments, and the beautiful ending! I laughed, I cried, I swooned, I blushed, and I was grinning so much my face hurts. I finished it in 24 hours! Phenomenal! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I have never given a Rom-com 5 stars before. EVER! But I am now!!!! There isn’t one thing I would change about this book. Brilliant!!!”



Wow. This book is amazing. It grabbed me from the beginning and didn’t let go until the end. I want more. I love that way Katherine Center writes her stories. There is no filler. Every word has a purpose and propels the story forward. The characters grow and have depth. This story is the epitome of that.”



“Katherine Center has a knack for taking a pretty simple concept and then fashioning it into an emotional, gut punching masterpiece.”



This. Book. Was. AMAZING! Coworker romance, forced proximity, the banter, the characters, the ending, the rom-commy-ness of it all! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll just have to keep reading to find out what happens next. Such a fantastic read.



Ma’am, you are just on another level. I have not stopped thinking of these characters and this story since I clicked the ‘send to kindle’ button on Netgalley. I have laughed, I have cried, I have yelled and I have sobbed. But over all I have FELT. DEEP FEELINGS. I can’t recommend this book enough, and any other book written by Ms Katherine Center. I’m ready to go right back in and read it again.”



I absolutely loved this book. Seriously, I laughed out loud so many times, I audibly cried—I felt allll the emotions. Just inject anything Katherine Center writes into my veins. This was my favorite book of hers yet!! From the hardships of caregiving for loved ones to dealing with loss to falling in love to being scared of life’s disappointments, this book manages to cover all of that PLUS having loveable characters, amazing banter, tension throughout the entire book, and just outright smart and witty writing.”



It’s so funny my husband had to keep asking if I was ok. Also, I maybe teared up a tiny bit because I was so in love with these people by the end of it. It’s the perfect amount of romcom and depths of characters. I want to SHOUT this book from the rooftops.”



I have throughly enjoyed every Katherine Center book I have ever read. With that said I LOVED this book. It made me laugh out loud, it made me cry and it the narrator made me feel as if she was truly Emma. I am a sucker for a good rom-com and this truly exceeded all expectations.”



“Somehow this author manages to touch your very soul throughout her books.”



The easiest 5 stars I’ve ever given! Katherine Center at her best. Do yourself a favor and preorder this book! SUCH A DELIGHT!



Katherine Center’s ‘The Rom Commers’ is a delightful romp through the ups and downs of love and friendship that had me laughing, swooning, and rooting for the characters every step of the way. With her signature blend of wit, charm, and heart, Center crafts a story that feels like a warm hug on a rainy day. The camaraderie between the characters is infectious, and I found myself eagerly cheering them on as they navigated life’s unexpected twists and turns. ‘The Rom Commers’ is a read that reminds us of the magic of love, and friendship. If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, this book is sure to leave you smiling from ear to ear.”



I absolutely loved this book. Katherine Center is an auto read for me, and this book did not disappoint. It follows Emma and Charlie, two screenwriters at very different points in their careers, writing a romantic comedy, Like Center’s previous books, this story takes you on a ride through all of the feelings. It has everything—snappy banter, swoony declarations, teary moments, and lovable characters. The romance is a perfect grumpy/sunshine match, but ultimately, it is a book about the power of stories—that we tell each other and ourselves.”



“‘You had to maximize joy when it fluttered into your life. You had to honor it. And savor it. And not stomp it to death by reminding everyone of everything you’d lost.’ How is it possible that every new book that Katherine Center writes is my new favorite? Please keep on writing books, Katherine, I promise to keep on reading them and telling others to read them, too! The Rom-Commers was soooo good.”



Katherine Center has come to save us all from the hell of 2024. Turn your televisions off, don’t listen to the news; don’t do anything at all, unless you’ve picked up this pretty pink book and read all 317 pages of THE ROM-COMMERS. It’s the book she was sent here to write; she has been writing joy-filled romance books for years but this particular story just experiences all the emotions. I laughed. I cried. I laughed a lot more. I got nervous. I cried some more. And I laughed a lot more.”



Everything Katherine Center touches is gold.”



Katherine Center just gets love. Reading her books always hits me right in the feels, and The Rom-Commers is the best she’s written yet. This concept of two writers was such a fun one, and the characters are so well thought out. This one will be a re-read for sure!”



Absolutely INCREDIBLE! I’ve been a fan of Center’s writing for some time now, but this story takes it to an entirely different level. Emma and Charlie were positively adorable together. Their chemistry flew off the page. You couldn’t miss it. I was rooting for them all the time. Even during the moments I wasn’t supposed to. Center could teach a masterclass is writing dialogue. So witty. Fantastic back and forth banter. She pulls so much emotion out of you. I was along for this ride from the first sentence. OUTSTANDING!!!



“Five solid stars. I laughed—a lot—I cried, I fell in love with both Emma and Charlie. Absolutely stunning banter between the two characters. Couldn’t have been better. This is masterclass chick-lit perfection.”



OMG THIS WAS AMAZING!! This was the rom-iest com-iest romcom that ever rom commed. It was funny, hopeful, and romantic. It would make the perfect rom com movie. It made me giggle and feel giddy. It pulled at my heart strings and made my heart ache for Emma and Charlie’s romance. I adore the way that Kathrine Center talks about and included real life struggles, grief, and illness. It was a beautiful balance of emotions. I loved this story from start to finish.”



Katherine Center is the queen of Rom-Coms! I know when I pick up one of her books I will be filled with happiness and fall in love with the characters — and the Rom-commers did not disappoint!”



Katherine Center—you are the Queen of Joy! There’s no denying that your books just keep getting better and better.”



This was the fastest I’ve gotten through a book in ages, one of those books you couldn’t put down because the happy ending couldn’t come soon enough! Another winner from our Rom-Com Queen ! Just in time for a summer beach read.”



My first Katherine Center read! Wow! Just, wow! It’s a vulnerable, raw, funny, and delightful story. Incredible writing. Thoroughly enjoyed throughout the whole thing – even when things felt almost too real, too relatable. 5/5. Highly recommend!”



“I truly had a hard time putting this one down. And when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it and thinking about how I could get back to it. The pacing was perfect. I truly enjoyed the build between the male and female main characters. And I appreciate Center building a romance but not using spice. She also helps the reader see the bright side of things that can hurt us. Her story both ripped my heart out and healed it all at once. And I love how she doesn’t sugarcoat things and shows romance from the imperfect side of things. This book is about life and loss, love and tragedy, and understanding things happen but those things ultimately can shape you into a better person. It’s full of life lessons that we all need to learn. 5 stars.



Katherine Center’s ‘The Rom-Commers’ is a total mood-lifter! It’s like a rollercoaster of laughs and feels. The characters are like friends you wish you had, and the story strikes the perfect balance between light-hearted fun and genuine emotion. An all-around feel-good read that I can’t recommend enough! It is the perfect mix of humor and heart. I really loved everything about it! Highly recommend!”



The banter at play here, the vulnerability, the depth of the stories… I appreciated and loved it all.”



Well the streak continues for Katherine Center. I have never been let down by her books. The characters have charm, charisma and wit…and you just can’t help rooting for them! This was such a cute, and quick, read that had me turning the pages faster than ever before.”



Just when you think an author can’t get any better, Katherine Center releases The Rom-Commers.



I rarely give out 5 stars, but this sharp, funny and moving rom-com deserves it. It was hard to put this one down and was quickly caught up in the story. Emma and Charlie’s romance is believable and swoon-worthy. Katherine Center writes with heart and humor. The banter!”



WOW. 3 hours. I sat and demolished this book in one sitting yesterday afternoon! The Rom-Commers has all the things we have come to love and expect from Katherine Center! The banter, the flirtation, the hilarious dialogue, the real life struggles of family and work, and main characters that make you feel the feels!



“Can Katherine Center do any wrong? NOPE. Not even close. This book was as fabulous as we have come to expect from Center’s books and I loved every second.”



This was AMAZING! Seriously this was amazing. I felt everything from anger, to happiness. Sadness to laughter. The narrator was superb! I want to read everything ever made by this author now, it was absolutely beautiful! Just an astounding book!”



This book made me so happy. The banter, the romance, the family drama, the cast of characters all 20/10. Cannot emphasize how good this book was. New favorite book for sure!”



This is the book for hopeless romantics.”



I’M NOT OK. Katherine Center almost always hits me with the perfect story at the perfect time to get me out of the slumpiest reading slumps, and this book is no exception. I loved this book; I could not put it down. And the extra bonus chapter from Charlie’s POV from that night!!! I’m screaming. ‘The fear was big, but how I felt about Emma was bigger.’ All to say, another win in my book and I’m so stupidly, unbelievably excited to be having FUN reading again.”



This book deserves more than five stars! It was perfection!”



I legitimately could not put this book down and finished it instead of sleeping. It feels insufficient to call this Katherine Center at her best because this book feels like one of the transcendent pieces of literature that defines a genre by the emotion and storytelling it encapsulates. This is a love letter to rom coms and does it amazingly well. Loved this book.



Wow. This one is going to stick with me for a while. What a gorgeously written story about love, loss, grief, and overcoming tragedy by going through it.”



Words can’t express how much I loved this. Katherine Center books are always such a comfort, and The Rom-Commers was no exception. I love how the plot, the relationship between Emma and her family, the witty dialog, and the relationship between Emma and Charlie weaved together to form such a simultaneously fun and incredibly touching story.”



One big 300+ page swoon for me!”



“Katherine Center’s storytelling in ‘The Rom-Commers’ is pure magic and reminded me why she is one of my favorite authors. What I love most about The Rom-Commers is the way she explores the human experience – the messy, complicated, beautiful human experience. Emma and Charlie are so relatable, and their struggles and triumphs feel so real. I also love how she uses internal dialogue to reveal her characters’ thoughts and feelings. And of course, the romantic plot is swoon-worthy, as always!



If you love love, read this book. If you love characters you can root for, read this book. If you want insights and beautiful life lessons, read this book. If you want you laugh and cry, read this book. Katherine Center does it again . . . hitting all the feels, writing witty and engaging dialog and exploring a whole new setting for love to transpire. This does not disappoint . . . for anyone who loves her books or is new to her… Rom-Commers is a perfect read!”



Love, love, love, love. Did I mention love? I love Katherine Center books but this one just may have been my favorite. Emma and Charlie were adorable. I loved their banter, I loved how she didn’t back down. I loved her rant about his shitty screen play. I loved Charlie and his buying peonies. I loved his swimming. I loved everything about this book. I was happy for Jack’s appearances and to revisit the Bodyguard’s universe. 5 solid stars.”



Oh, how I wish I could give 10 stars! I am smitten with this book. I can’t wait until it is available to buy, I will be telling everyone to read it. The characters were just perfect, and the storyline was great. I smiled through almost all of this book. Katherine Center has hit a home run and this book is wonderful.



I loved every page of this story. Emma and Charlie completely captured my heart. I am an absolute sucker for a good grumpy/sunshine trope along with the tension of enemies-to-lovers where he falls first (ish). This was everything and more. An ode to love stories built into a love story of many layers. It had all the makings for a thoughtful, dynamic and page-turning romance.”



I’ve loved other Katherine Center novels before, but this one takes the cake—bar none!”



I cackled. I cried. It has been so long since a book has hit me like this. Very reminiscent of The Happy Ever After Playlist (Abby Jimenez). The banter. The tension. The falling in love. The showing of love. My God. 5 shining stars.”



A book so good I read it in one sitting. Couldn’t put it down if i TRIED.

Did I cry? yes
Did i laugh? also yes
Did this book rip my heart out of my chest? uh, yeah.

If i could give this book a million stars i think i would.

5 stars, as always, for Katherine Center. 🥹

I’m begging everyone to read this. ok bye



I think this story will stay with me for a long time. It has hilarious banter, notes of trauma and sacrifice, family, and most of all a very heartfelt love story. I definitely recommend it to everyone.”



“I have given exactly one book five stars in the past two years. ONE. Welp, here’s number two. I found myself sneaking away far too often for just a few paragraphs, a few chapters, just a little more time in this world (I’ll make time to feel guilty about that later), falling asleep with my Kindle and digging it out from under the covers as soon as I woke up. And once I finished the book, I wanted nothing more but to go back to the beginning and start all over again. I’m not sure Charlie and Emma could have penned a better rom-com themselves, and their story needs to be at the top of your summer reading list when it releases in June.”



Another amazing book by Katherine Center, I just love her books and couldn’t put this one down. I laughed, cried and it stole my heart.”



This book did absolutely everything right for me. I looked at my husband, tears streaming down my face, and asked, ‘How do you write in a review that this is the best book you’ve ever read and have other people believe you? How do you tell them?’”



Loved it! I always have high expectations for her books and this did not disappoint: Its a sweet, clean, witty, swoon worthy romance with a positive message. A must read!”



I don’t think I’ve given a rom-com a 5 star review in a very very long time but I just couldn’t hold back on this one. How often is the 6th book you’ve read by an author your favorite of all of her books? How often do you cry your eyes out while reading a rom-com? NEVER. It seems pretty fitting that Katherine Center has written the perfect rom-com about two writers writing a rom-com. Now they just have to make it into a movie.” 🤪



First of all, I inhaled this book!! I started reading it in the evening, stayed up too late reading, then woke up early and finished reading in the morning. I laughed, I cried, and I only wish I had more time with Emma and Charlie!”



I became a Katherine Center fan after reading The Bodyguard. It was such a refreshing, original contemporary romance book that came at a time I needed a light hearted read. It quickly became a favorite book of mine, yet “The Rom-Commers” has managed to eclipse it. “The Rom-Commers” made me laugh, cry, laugh some more, and when I finished it, left a big grin on my face. It’s one of those novels that once a person starts reading it, is hard to put down. Katherine Center provides a master class in not only the art of storytelling, but also in crafting memorable characters that are relatable and brimming with chemistry. 10/10 stars. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.”



I LOVE LOVE LOVED this JOY of a book!! Their chemistry was so great. I was rooting for them from the get go. I really enjoyed the strength of Emma. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind or do the right thing. I think we could all learn a thing or two from her. I loved how Charlie learned to love and to not be afraid of it and to muster the courage to do what was right and good and joyful. Katherine Center is an auto read, auto buy author for me. Her books always dig in deep and won’t let you go until the last page. And even then, they linger in your heart forevermore and I LOVE IT!!!”



I am deceased. This was my first Katherine Center and my God. Perfection.”



“I didn’t think Katherine Center could top the adorableness that was The Bodyguard, but she does so expertly with this story about two screenwriters remaking It Happened One Night. As we see the evolution of Emma and Charlie’s relationship from strangers to enemies to collaborators to soulmates, we get wit, charm, banter, tension, drama, heartbreak and an incredibly cute pet guinea pig. Emma is right. I showed up for the joy of the journey and The Rom-commers delivered!”



This book was truly fantastic and it represents everything that a rom-com should be.”



How does Katherine Center manage to write books where I can’t get enough of her characters and storyline every single time? Like all of Center’s works, The Rom-Commers is smart, and the characters are relatable and real. The Rom-Commers is joyful and hopeful and heartbreaking and thoughtful. I cried and laughed and swooned. I may have even come away with some new life mantras. Just perfection. It’s this summer’s must-read.”



This book is good. Bawl your eyes out in the bathtub good. Hesitate to write a review because you just schooled in the art of writing good. Remind you of every single individual type of love that exists in the universe good. I got approved for this ARC at 10:57 PM. I finished it at 2:00 AM. This book was that good.”



This book is a perfect summer read. Anyone who picks it up will be sorry to see it end.”



“Be still my romcom-loving heart! The Rom-Commers is an ABSOLUTE delight.”



Rom-Com fans! The mother ship has arrived! Hop on for all the magic a truly genuine Katherine Center romantic comedy delivers.”



“. . . And she does it again! A rom-com about two screenwriters co-writing . . . a rom-com. It’s meta as hell; and, in true Center fashion, it brought me pure joy (and in this case, a healthy cry).”



This book was the easiest five stars I have ever given! Katherine Center absolutely KILLED IT with this one. Her writing style is just so wonderfully casual and light that you feel like you are actually in someone else’s head for a bit. The way she writes from Emma’s POV is incredibly charming. I loved her immediately. The story itself is beautiful. Emma is working through the grief and guilt she feels after her parents’ accident. Charlie is struggling to see the good in life after his wife leaves him on the same day he is diagnosed with cancer. The emotion their stories bring to the table is just so raw and inspirational. I 1000% recommend this book. Katherine Center is an absolute must-read author.



The Rom-Commers was everything you could want in a Katherine Center rom-com. Lovable characters, real life issues, and a swoon worthy romance. I love Katherine Center’s writing style and couldn’t wipe a big cheesy grin off my face while reading. This book read quick with a voice so strong it immediately sucked me in! Everyone is going to be talking about The Rom-Commers this summer!



Katherine Center has a way with words! She has the ability to write delightful romances that make me both laugh and cry. Always turning tragic events into meaningful character growth, fun banter, and lots of romance. Her books just make me happy! The Rom-Commers was no different for me. This book had me smiling like a fool. I loved Charlie and Emma! Two damaged people who fit so well together. I couldn’t help but root for them!



I’m calling it—for me, this is THE romantic comedy of 2024!”



“Wow. First book I’ve read by Katherine Center. Where has she been all my life?



Center writes relatable characters with white-hot dialogue. Their quick retorts and self-effacing asides make you love both characters equally. As you might expect, since the pair of characters are writing a rom-com, the book itself is a rom-com, and it uses all the tropes one might see in a book or movie, but she uses them artfully. The plot is engaging, and the characters are funny, clumsy, and true. I wish this was a movie I could watch over and over.”



SHUT UP THIS BOOK WAS PERFECTION. EVERYTHING! 10/10 all of the stars!! Katherine Center is SO UNDERRATED TO ME! She does the romcom perfectly!!! This book had me giggling and giddy and also shed a few tears by yanking on my heart strings. One famous screenwriter is tasked to write a romcom and he’s failing miserably . . . Against his wishes, his agent sets him up with a very inexperienced romcom writer and the rest is history. It’s enemies to lovers, close proximity, grumpy sunshine perfection that was just everything. I loved the pace, I loved the characters, I loved their adventures and quirks, (LINE DANCING!! NO 6 FT COWBOY FOR YOU!) I highlighted so many great quotes I just can’t recommend this book enough. This WILL BE the romcom of the summer! BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!



“Absolute perfection. Katherine Center is one of my favorite authors, that just never disappoints. I go into her books wondering how it’s possible I could love her new characters as much as the last book, but somehow she does it every time. Reading this was like talking to a good friend. It was funny, it was sad, it was so freaking heartfelt and I absolutely LOVED Emma. She was just sunshine and rainbows, and breathed serious light into the book. Charlie was also easy to love, despite clearly having some issues to work out. This was a fantastic read, and I would recommend it to anyone!”



Dare I say I just read the perfect romance novel????? There honestly wasn’t a dull moment in the whole book. It was jam packed with tension and humor and tearful moments. There was even a touch of mystery around the climax that had me rapidly turning pages. I’m not sure there’s much else I can say except go read this one!!”


I loved this book. It made my heart glow.”



Oh my god where do I even start? I loved it so so so much. I have absolutely no complaints about this book. It was so perfect. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I fell in love with this book from the very first chapter and I knew it would become one of my favourite reads of the year. This is the second book I’ve read by Katherine Center and it was also a very easy five star rating. I laughed out loud many times, and I cried multiple times. It was just so beautiful and so heartwarming and I felt the love between the characters while reading it.”



Katherine Center can do no wrong!! Love love loved this one. The story just sucks you in right away. I finished it in less than 24 hours! Multiples times where my heart was in my stomach. I felt like I was feeling what the characters were going through. Cried right along with Emma.”



Katherine Center’s books always fill me with sunshine. Her characters, the dialogue, the banter, the emotions – they’re all so real and lovable. I truly have to force myself to slow down and savor her books because I devour them and then I’m sad they’re over. I love that these characters are flawed, their lives are not perfect, and they are always learning. They learn to stand up for themselves, to be brave, to be vulnerable, to apologize and to forgive…and we get to go along for the entire ride and feel it all with them. Treat yourself to this gem of a book and feel the sunshine for yourself.”



Charlie and Emma have forced proximity and grumpy/sunshine and it’s glorious. The book reads as an ode to romantic comedies, showcasing them as the joyful and hopeful journeys they really are rather than the trite flick reputation they have. Center does an exceptional job of writing what romance needs to feel like and how to get there, and she also is able to bring those feelings to the reader as Charlie and Emma fall for each other.”



I absolutely flew through the audiobook and was literally laughing out loud two different times by the 2% in mark. No one and I mean NO ONE actually makes me laugh in a book as much as KC does! She gets it! And she’s actually just a funny person! I can’t wait to read whatever Katherine writes next!”



Katherine Center’s writing is an absolute ray of sunshine that warms you completely from the inside out.”



This delightful rom-com, featuring the classic grumpy sunshine trope, is an absolute gem.”



This is a heartfelt ode to the rom-com and much more. This is for lovers of the writing process, KDrama kisses, Jack Stapleton, family, banter, brave love, and yes, rom-coms… I laughed, cried and lost sleep because the anticipation for Emma & Charlie was over the top. Katherine Center is an auto-buy for me & The Rom-Commers will happily be a part of my library.”



I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Legit finished it in one sitting! Made me feel so happy and excited and it just made sense. Like it didn’t feel dragged out or over the top. It was all so perfect in the way it was written. The banter between the sister and Charlie got me laughing, the heartfelt moments got me in my feels, and that stupid guinea pig had me feeling so sad lol. All to say I 1000% love and recommend this book! It will make you feel all the feels but in the best light hearted way possible.”



Her best yet!! Katherine Center fans, this is perfection!! A “take an intentional reading break so it doesn’t end yet” type of book. I fell in love with Emma’s pom pom hair, devotion to family, fear of giving up control, and defiant spirit. I teetered on that diving board in heels with her. Then there’s Charlie, so guarded and frustrating. We know it always works out, but this was a great ride. Loved every page!!”



“Ohhhh wow. Katherine Center did it again with this wonderful novel! All of her stories keep you intrigued the whole way and also have an amazing way of making you feel different feels. I love her writing and the way she brings the characters alive on the pages. I highly recommend reading this book for laughs and romance all in one!”



Perfect, absolutely perfect. 5 billion stars.”



This book was effervescent! By far my favorite Katherine Center book thus far. It was a story of grumpy/sunshine and familial ties and an homage to rom-coms and good people and big dreams and it was all just such a JOY to read. There was also grief and tragedy and illness, but it was all handled with such love and care, and the ultimate message was one of pure hope and abundance. I highly recommend this sparkly little book when you just want a pick-me-up and to read something good and joy-filled! It was such a delight!



This book was like a warm hug, even though there were definitely a few tears along the way.”



The Rom-Commers is written in a way that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster. You feel happy, and silly, and sad, and embarrassed, and mad, and EVERYTHING in between. But mostly it made me feel hopeful, it made me feel good. I loved every moment of reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. Emma & Charlie are just so wonderful together. Emma pulling Charlie out of darkness and back into happiness where he could see and experience love and joy, first through her eyes then for real within himself. Their easy way of being together, complimenting each other, getting a rise out of each other and challenging each other is genuinely addictive. It makes you feel like falling in love.



5 knock-out romance stars. Another knock-out romance winner from Katherine Center! And a new favorite. How does she keep writing amazing stories? A new book always goes to the top of my list.”



Oh my goodness! Katherine Center just keeps getting better. This book had me laughing, crying, smiling, and it just felt like a huge hug. The characters were so perfect and fun, and I loved the way the book finished. This is a must read and I would give this 6 stars if I could!”



“Such a beautiful story about love & all that it conquers.”



This book was absolutely perfect in every way. Katherine Center has truly done it again with her incredible work. I fell completely in love with every single character (including Cuthbert) & the ending really warmed my heart.”



Katherine Center can do no wrong. Last year at this time I had never read her, and now I’ve read everything she’s written and am waiting impatiently for more. She’s one of those writers who delivers a happy ending, but she destroys you emotionally before you get there. Up there with Emily Henry and Kristan Higgins, she fools you with the sparkly covers and adorable banter, and before you know it, you are sobbing and it’s 3 a.m. Emma and Charlie’s story is sweet, sad, and beautiful. You should read it.”



This book made me laugh, cry and squeal on repeat. Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down until I finished. A wonderful, warm read that makes the reader feel love on each page.



Katherine Center’s books should be classified as narcotics. They always leave me on such a euphoric high, so blissfully happy and hopeful. I don’t know how she does it.”



The dialogue? Flawlessly hilarious. The plot? Genius. The characters? Relatable and fun. The narrator of the audiobook? Couldn’t have done better casting. This book? Instantly one of my favorites I’ve ever read (and I read a lot). My heart had no idea how much it needed this story.



“This is one of the best books that I’ve ever read.”



The best of 2024! Katherine Center works her magic in The Rom-Commers. If you haven’t experienced Katherine Center, please, please do yourself a favor and read The Rom-Commers! I will always recommend anything she writes and will always be on the lookout for anything new and devour it! Special thanks to Katherine Center for writing the stories I can’t stop thinking about and make me believe in real, true love. 5 BIG, HUGE stars from me!!”



If I could give it a million stars, I would. I didn’t want this book to end. Now, I’m left with a huge book hangover—the only cure is more Katherine Center!”



Katherine Center just never disappoints. I read this in one day. Which I don’t recommend… because then it’s over 😩. Read it slowly. Make the joy last!



“The characters are flawed but endearing, the romance is swoony, and there is humor, heartbreak, and profoundly beautiful (but hard) human truth. When I finish her books, I just sit there and bask in the glow of it all with a stupid smile on my face – savoring it giddily. Maybe it’s just that she writes the perfect story *for me,* but I have a sneaking suspicion that she knows the secret to writing the perfect story, period.”



Center writes deadpan humor with rapid back and forth banter, inner dialogue that slays, and amazing chemistry. Her books are just READABLE. The voice is engaging and delightful. But even through the humor, her book packs a powerful emotional punch.”



Every single story that I read by Katherine Center is just . . . delectable.”



Katherine Center is undoubtedly the queen of writing great romantic comedies! The best thing about her books is the warmth and comfort you get after finishing them, similar to the feeling of wearing your favorite item right after taking it out of the dryer. I felt the same way after finishing this book.”



Words cannot begin to explain how wonderful and amazing this book is.”



Reading ‘The Rom Commers’ was a beautiful sucker punch because my eyes are stinging from going between smiling and tearing up. This book is funny, poignant, heartbreaking yet life affirming read that had me glued.”



Simply put, Katherine Center writes books that make me HAPPY. I laughed, I teared up, I devoured The Rom-Commers in one sitting. The story isn’t all sunshine and roses, but it’s *actively not cynical* and that’s a trait I’ve come to admire. I love my dark and twisty novels, but I really appreciate how Center writes—and nails—an authentic ode to joy every single time.”



Absolute scrumptiousness from beginning to end.”



I think this book might be perfect. It’s fun and sexy but also goes so deep. I got teary! I underlined multiple passages! I giggled! It was a great ride. Highly recommend.”



‘I think,’ he said, surprisingly lucid for a moment, ‘that you’re my favorite person I’ve ever met.’ My heart is glowing from this book! Katherine Center is the rom-com queen! This book had so much heart. It was such a good reminder to enjoy life and to be grateful for everything you have. It was about joy and hope and never giving up, and of course, it was about love. I absolutely adored it.”



“Ok—WHAT. This book was so good. I kept thinking as I was reading, “What is this feeling in my chest?” that I kept experiencing every time Charlie was with Emma, and then it hit me – BUTTERFLIES. This book, legit, gave me butterflies. In the best possible way. Charlie and Emma were the perfect grumpy/sunshine slow burn with laugh-out-loud banter.”



The ultimate rom com! It was witty, funny, cute, angsty, and swoon worthy. I don’t know how to explain Katherine Center books other than a good time—or that it’s like a hug from a friend.”



“Have you ever read a book so good that you feel like something exciting has happened, or you just got good news—and then you remember your good mood is because of the book you’re reading? This book is did that to me.”



Katherine Center has done it again!!!! This is my new favorite book of hers. You know a love story is really good when you feel like you can’t stop smiling. You know the writer is REALLY good when they manage to get all of that emotion out of their reader with ZERO sex scenes. Like how?!? I didn’t realize until I was finished with the book, but I didn’t even miss the spice. The chemistry of these two characters was off the charts. Charlie is my new favorite male MC and I loved Emma too. I cannot wait for everyone to read this book this summer! I only wish it came out sooner!!!”



I absolutely love Katherine Center books. All of them. The Rom-Commers was absolutely fabulous and probably one of my favorites of hers. The story of Emma and Charlie literally made me laugh out loud AND cry in one sitting. Oh – and I finished this book in one day. It was THAT good! 5 stars!”



Katherine Center does it again! Grief, humor, love, and hope—all wrapped up on one delicious romance package.”



Katherine Center knows how to write books that have amazing depth, character development, and are genuinely fun, feel good reads. The Rom-Commers is no exception! I loved the entire premise—it has the perfect mix of grumpy/sunshine, tragic backstory, and hilarious moments. I loved the cameo of a certain actor and I’ll watch power washing with Cuthbert any day. This story is the perfect way to brighten your day!



Thinking about it now, I feel my heart lift—it’s just that feeling you get when a book sweeps you off your feet!!”



The Rom-Commers was a beautiful and heartwarming story.”



The way these 2 come together, and face their fears—literally and figuratively are so beautiful. The tension, the angst—I can’t. It’s incredible. Their teamwork goes from nada to wow what a team. It’s absolute magic.”



I read this book in one sitting and I had a giant smile on my face almost the whole time. It’s the perfect rom com, it’s classic Katherine Center and it’s up there now as one of my favorites of hers. This book was exactly what I needed to read at the right moment and will be a book I reread and cherish.”



Holy. Crap. I am not exaggerating when I say this may be the best romance book I have ever read, for me personally!! I legit could not put it down!! I read 40% of it the first night and only got 5 hours of sleep but it was so worth it. I binged it over the next day whenever I could!! And when I started reading it was like I completely forgot I was reading, it was that good.”


Katherine Center absolutely does not miss, and this is no exception.”



Another 5⭐️ read by my fave Katherine Center!”



This. Book. Was. Perfect. I knew from the very first page I would adore Emma, and I was 100% right: I fell in love with her voice immediately. She is fresh and funny with such a lovely depth.”



This book was absolute perfection. I loved every bit of it from start to finish. I really enjoyed the narrative, the stubborn MMC who refuses to see love as anything but basic human biology while the FMC lives and breathes romance. I loved how Emma got to meet someone she idealized for so long, just to find out he was just another human navigating life with its many unpredictabilities. There was such a complexity to the relationships in this novel with the daughter/ sister to caregiver and the idol to peer dynamics. Honestly, read it!”



I absolutely loved this book by Katherine Center! This is a fun, lightheartedly rom com that made me laugh out loud and feel all the feels. There are some fabulous one liners between these two characters, and the character development of Emma truly had me feeling for her and cheering her on. I gave it five stars!”



The dialogue! The banter! The relationships!! This book was absolutely flawless, and I highly recommend it.”



This is a can’t miss novel! I easily read this in a day. I felt so many emotions while reading. I laughed, I cried, and did not want to stop reading. I loved the romance and the message. After finishing the book I definitely felt lighter. I highly recommend this amazing novel!”



I laughed out loud, I cried, I felt all the feels. Katherine Center just gets better and better.



Blown away yet again by the absolute GOAT. This book is relatable and tender. The characters are so dimensional and watching the story come together was organic and magical all at the same time. A story about love. A fun Hollywood moment. A throwback mention to bodyguard. Family and trauma. Independence and personal growth. Laughs. Perfection!”



Oh Katherine Center, I simply adore you and your love stories. This story had everything I was looking for: comedic scenes (especially the can opener IYKYK) character growth, growing relationships, and of course some romance. I love how I always become sucked into the world and characters in KC books, and this was no different. I can’t recommend this enough!”



“Every time I think I couldn’t love a Katherine Center book more than the one I just read, she proves me wrong with the next one.”



I have never read an ARC so fast. I adore Katherine center’s books, and this is one of my favorites yet!! I laughed out loud, I cried (multiple times!!!), I fell in love with Charlie (who definitely was giving me some Gus Everett vibes!!) — I highly highly highly recommend this book!!!!”



I just felt so happy the entire time I was reading it.”



I’m in love. This was such a wonderful story and of course, the perfect rom-com. I will never miss a Katherine Center story. I always fall in love with the characters, and can’t stop reading until I finish the book. This story had all the elements that will make it one of the best books of the year!”



If I could, I’d give it 10 stars. It evoked both laughter and tears, a rare feat for me. The writing is beautiful, characters well-developed, showing significant personal growth. Couldn’t put it down—I absolutely loved it and could easily envision it as a movie. A poignant tale of living through tragedies and embracing acceptance and forgiveness. So good!”



“This rom-com opens your heart and fills it to the brim with joy.”


This book is romcom perfection. The multiple layers of romcom happening within the story, the characters, the banter, the barriers and challenges. I’m a huge Katherine Center fan, in general, but this was on another level. I couldn’t put it down. It’s within the same world as The Bodyguard, which is another favorite in the genre.”



Absolutely devoured this in less than 24 hours. So sweet and exactly what I needed to read. Katherine Center never misses!”



Another brilliant romantic comedy from Katherine Center. I love her writing style and how she engages her audience with ease. I love the way she unfolds the complex layers of her characters with charm, wit, and warmth; much like how she reveals her entire story.”



This book has it all. All the swoons. All the hope. All the joy. All the laughter. All the encouragement. And all the love. ALL the love. It’s her best one yet. “



“This book was such a beautiful blend of sunshine and rain in the best way. By the epilogue, I was a puddle.”



Wow. I LOVED this book. Five stars. So many laugh out loud moments. Moments where my heart was full. Moments where I wanted to cry. New favorite Katherine Center book. I need more!!! ❤️😭


I adore Katherine Center. If she were to publish material she wrote on a used napkin, I’d swoop that right up. I can’t say how many times I laughed out loud 🫛🫛(IYKYK), earning me side-eye by those around me, or had those tear-jerky moments either… but those are the moments that make reading special… and The Rom-Commers is just that.”



Loved everything about this book! Didn’t want to put it down but also didn’t want it to end. Emma was such a great main character and I related to her so much because my own dad was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease when I was younger. This book had great banter, ups, downs, and everything in between. Great overall life wisdom as well that I didn’t expect but definitely needed to read.”



This book. This book! I laughed, I cried, I loved every single character . . . This is a story about the stories we tell ourselves about our own lives. It’s about grief and joy and our inability to avoid them both despite our best efforts. It’s a delicious love story and wonderful family story and a smile-inducing friendship story. It’s about two Hollywood screen-writers so it shouldn’t have been surprising how cinematic many of the scenes were. As with every Katherine Center book I’ve read and loved (and I’ve loved each one I’ve read) she shares her characters weaknesses with us in ways that help us see our own. She forms them for us in wholeness and with dignity. Add this to your TBR friends. If you’re already a Katherine Center fan you’re going to love this one! If you’ve not read her yet…it’s time. Start here. Thank you Ms. Center for another uplifting, entertaining, swoon-worthy read.”



“Katherine Center has taken the top spot of BEST BANTER IN ROM-COMS. “



I’m unconditionally and irrevocably in love with well-made romcoms, and this one quickly became my favourite of all time. I adored every aspect of this book—the characters, their relationship, the tension, and the banter. It’s not only incredibly funny but also heartwarming, with just a touch of heartbreak.”



“AHH THIS BOOK 😩😭 Amazing balance of romance and emotional depth. This is so Emily Henry & Ali Hazelwood coded. I felt so alive reading this book!! I went through so many emotions. I laughed a bunch. I cried. The familial relationships and the romance had my heart twisted into knots.”



The Rom-Commers is another perfect novel from Katherine Center. Like The Bodyguard and Hello, Stranger, you get a page-turning mix of humor, emotion, and serious chemistry between the characters.”



“The job of a rom-com,” I said, “is to give you a simulated feeling of falling in love.” Well done, Katherine. Well. Freaking. Done. I *literally* (in my best Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec voice) cannot stress how much I loved this book. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and could not put it down. I laughed. I cried. My heart rate rose with swoony and hopeful anticipation. And then I cried again because it was over.”



What a gift it was to get to read this beautiful book. In true Katherine Center fashion, I cried a little, smiled a lot, and walked away knowing just how important the genre of romcoms is in life, whether in book or movie form. Emma and Charlie have my whole heart, and show so much about showing up for those you care for. 5/5 on a Nora Ephron scale of romcoms.”



I think she may have outdone herself with this one.”



Every word resonated so deeply within my heart and soul. I laughed and I cried. Katherine Center is a pro at stirring up your emotions then turning around and making you laugh with tears in your eyes. I loved the complex relationship between Emma and Charlie and the beauty of getting to experience their rollercoaster journey at the same time. The messages in this book about love and overcoming fear and tragedy were relevant and inspiring. It was an all-around, feel-good novel with a beautiful story and a cast of endearing characters that I already miss.”



By far my new favorite Katherine Center book!”



Katherine Center does it again…I don’t know of a single book of hers I haven’t given 5 ⭐️ to… I love how this book tried to make romantic scenes not be romantic and then of course they ended up being hilariously romantic! I laughed out loud reading this so many times my kids had to ask me what was so funny.” 🤣



This was the perfect romanic comedy book. It had everything needed to make it a great quick read that you wish was longer just because you aren’t ready to move on from the characters. I love how the author has mastered the romanic comedy with depth. You hope it will have its happy ending but watch the characters endure and are not 100% sure. Can’t wait for her next book.”



“I love Katherine Center so much at this point I would even read her grocery list.”



KC is my all time fav! Her books make you want to sob and laugh and just all the emotions. I cry at like every single one. This one was no different. As per usual, 5 stars!”



I devoured this book in a smidge over 24 hours and laughed practically the entire time. Like every good romcom, though, this had a few heartbreaking moments in which I teared up. I know romances and romcoms get a lot of flak for being predictable, but Emma says it best, ‘If you’re surprised by the ending, somebody wasn’t doing their job. We all know where it’s headed. The fun is how we get there.’ Well, Mrs. Center certainly did her job.”



There are no other books I completely DEVOUR like KC’s books! Each new one is like looking forward to a favorite dessert and before I know it, I’ve eaten the whole thing and didn’t realize it. Her stories make you feel the feelings of falling in love, and, once again, just puts a huge smile on your face!”



Her books are romcoms but they have SO much emotional depth too. I always finish her books feeling reflective about life too! Ugh this books summed up in emojis….😂😭✍️🥰😍😘❤️ If you are looking for a fun, witty, emotional read, you MUST pick this one up! There is so much I could say here but I ADORED this book & I think you will too! This will for sure be a must read book for Summer 2024!!”



Katherine Center’s writing is such a refreshing breath of wholesome air!”



Yes! Katherine Center fans, mark your calendars because she’s done it again. The Rom-Commers is filled with snarky fun, lovable characters and an emotional rollercoaster you’d expect from the queen of romcoms. I loved this story for its pure joy of reading a romcom.”



I enjoyed the heck out of this. It made me grateful my life involves telling stories. It made me smile. It made me tear up. It engaged me from page one. It kept me turning pages, eager to spend time with its central couple. It made me cheer for the ending. Looking for something to brighten your week? Here you go.”



It’s a sweet romance that will have you cheering for love.”



I adore Katherine Center’s funny, relatable romantic novels. Her characters have so much heart and work to grow to be better people. Center’s brand of hilarious book magic mixed with reality takes these two on quite a journey and I enjoyed every moment of reading it.”



“Katherine Center hits it out of the park every time.”



“It was funny, moving, emotional, and just PERFECT! The characters were amazingly written. They had such depth, and the story was one that made me laugh and then cry a few pages later. This book was everything I hoped it would be and more.”



“As usual, another great hit with Katherine Center. Lots of humor, lots of great romance and chemistry with these characters. I always love a great opposites attract romance, and this one really hit the mark. This author just leaves you with a great feeling after all of her books, and this one was no exception. Bravo!”



This might be my favorite Katherine Center book yet!”



“This book is just a beautiful read—there is no other way to describe it. I can’t remember another romance novel where I underlined so much, because she just finds a way to write exactly to my life—even when the story has nothing to do with me. The Rom-Commers seems like Katherine Center’s love story to love stories, and I am here for it.”



This incredible read surpassed my expectations.”



I was not prepared for this emotional roller coaster, although I should have been. Katherine Center has done it again! She gave us the perfect example of a romcom! She simultaneously brought me joy and broke my heart without fear of losing the happily ever after. I will trust her with my heart every time! She can do no wrong!



“Like a decadent dessert, I wanted to savor every last bit of this heartwarming read. This tale is filled with witty banter, fantastic characters and SO MUCH heart. Very much recommended.”



I loved this book so much. My favorite book of 2024 so far. It was an emotional roller coaster, but it was so worth the ride. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. My emotions were all over the place. I could sit and write about this book all day. The storyline, the characters, the details, the slow burn, it was all spot on. A huge Kudos to the author for a phenomenal book!”



Can I say WOW any louder? Katherine Center always gets me majorly in my feels and this book was no exception. This book not only made me laugh out loud and I even cried. The one-liners were hysterical. Charlie was a complete grump and Emma was pure sunshine. I love that the complimented each other well. There was so much growth in these characters. The guinea pig. The cooking and grocery shopping. All of their research dates for the script. All the grand gestures and truly the epilogue was perfect.”



“How does Katherine Center keep managing to write books that get better and better?!”



“I’ve read all of Katherine Center’s work and this was ADORABLE.”



“A romance writer writing about romance writers . . . oh my gosh. I laughed out loud (seriously), I cried, I felt empathy for all characters and fell in love with them. This story is charming, emotional, fun and hopeful. Nobody can write a rom-com like the great Katherine Center!



I laughed and I cried. Katherine Center wrote a beautiful book that is inspiring and heartfelt about love and tragedy. The epilogue, LOVED, I want to carry around with me for inspiration daily.”



Katherine Center’s The Rom-Commers is her latest romantic comedy and it’s wonderful. The writing is brilliant and insightful, laugh out loud funny and very romantic in an every day sort of way. He ties her shoes. She helps his fears. The characters are richly detailed with wonderful dialogue and a plot that took me from the lowest lows to the highest highs. There’s a point at the end where you can’t believe what you just read and as you’re bawling you turn the page to once again experience the special joy she infuses in all her books. A winner. Again.”



“The banter between them is everything and the dialogue in this whole book is off the charts.”



“I know this will be in my top 10 for the year and possibly my favorite romance novel of the year.”



Loved it! Katherine Center’s best book yet. About Emma Wheeler re-writing a script for her idol, Charlie Yates. They work together, but Emma discovers that Charlie doesn’t believe in love or love stories. The story has humor, heartstrings, and a perfect pairing of opposites. The swoony scenes, pet guinea pig, grand gesture at the end, and amazing epilogue make it a must-read.”



This book was an emotional rollercoaster and absolutely amazing! By far this is the best book that Katherine Center has written!”



Every Katherine Center book is a two for one—you’ll get a marvelous story AND you’ll get some amazing insight for living a joyful life. Who could ask for anything better? The way the story develops and the relationship develops is exciting, funny, frustrating (in a good way), and sweet. And let me tell you, there is a spectacular scene all about movie kisses. SO GOOD! All the stars!!!!!!!!!!!



I started this book at 10pm and read until I finished at 2am. 5/5 stars, no notes, Katherine Center does it again!”



“10*stars. This was a sweet and very emotional love story. You can’t help falling in love with these characters. As always this author brings you joy despite everything that happens and leaves you feeling like you got the best hug after reading this book. She never disappoints.”



Y’all. This one is it. I love all of Katherine Center’s work, but this one takes the cake. It genuinely is a love letter to fun and love and joy and romance readers everywhere.”



Sigh. Loved it! I’ve laughed more with this book than with any other book since … well … Hello, Stranger. The after readers glow after this one is just so perfect!”



I went through so many emotions in this book. I finished it in 1 sitting. An incredible beautiful complex story with so many beautiful elements in it. Katherine never fails to blow my mind with her writing.”



“The thing I love most about a Katherine Center book is the feeling of warmth that emanates from every page.”



I cried . . . twice. Literally this book is beautiful, heartfelt, and funny. It’s a quick read with lots of dialogue. Never a dull moment.”



This is my 3rd Katherine Center novel, and I’m now a fangirl. This book has emotion, depth, humor, buildup. It was like reading a movie you’ve seen but never felt. It was what romance readers want, we know the ending but it’s how we get there. I simply adored it, couldn’t put it down.”



I loved this book. It is heartwarming, heart wrenching, and hopeful, while also being funny, sweet, and checks off all the boxes for a quintessential romcom. If you love rom coms that also pack an emotional punch, definitely check this one out.”



“You know you’re in good hands, and she’s going to take you on a journey that will be filled with love, laughter, and so much wisdom. It was so fun to go on Emma and Charlie’s hijinks-filled journey to write a rom-com together. But like all the very best rom-coms, it was the heart and the struggle woven in that made this book an instant favorite for me. I don’t want to give too much away. You should just read their story for yourself.” 😉



“This book was perfection.”



As with all Katherine Center books, I loved it.”



This may be my favorite Katherine Center of all time. I spent the last 1/4 of the book crying, both sad and happy tears. Like I just can’t stop. It was a perfect rom com, as the name would have you believe, full of characters with depth and tragedy and flaws. It was about grief and coming alive again. And I would read it over and over. Thank you for this gift Katherine—it’s all the stars all day long.”



“Because this book is about screenwriters writing a romantic comedy, it’s also a beautiful commentary on the romance genre and a love letter to romance readers. We often get a lot of hate for reading romance – “What’s the point when you know how it ends?” The point is the journey, folks. And Center highlights that here. Cannot recommend enough. Just read it.”



My first by Katherine Center … what a wow of a book! Loved the wit, swoony romance, fab dialogue, and a story read happily in one sitting. Now I know what all the raves are about!”



“Katherine Center could give a master class on chemistry and banter.”



This book is everything I love about Katherine Center’s books . . .witty banter, complex characters, a great, well-told story. Not to mention, a cameo from Jack Stapleton (IYKYK)! It made me laugh out loud, it made me shed a tear or two, and it almost made me want a pet guinea pig. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read for me!”



The Rom-Commers had all the feels, all fun, all the love, and all the amazing quotes that I love so much from a Katherine Center book. The themes of loving yourself, accepting what you cannot change, and realizing your attitude directs your day resonated deeply with me. I adored Emma’s inner dialogue, humor, and walking through the story with her. I want her to be my friend. Charlie was the hero I loved by the end of the story. The author’s writing and observations about life made this one of my favorite books of all time! I laughed, cried and was so sad when the story ended.”



The ideal rom-com! Witty banter, realistic emotions, and lots of fun.”



Katherine Center never disappoints! I couldn’t put it down and it had me giggling out loud! Such a sweet story about love and about how opposites can be 100% perfect (with a bit of research of course) 😉 So much humour, so much heartbreak, so much love! “Alexa, add canned biscuits to my grocery list” 🍩❤️🥰



“This book is everything I was wanting, needing, and hoping it would be.”



This book is just a beautiful read—there is no other way to describe it. I can’t remember another romance novel where I underlined so much, because she just finds a way to write exactly to my life — even when the story has nothing to do with me. The Rom-Commers seems like Katherine Center’s love story to love stories, and I am here for it.”



“I absolutely LOVED this book! I laughed out loud, I cried, I swooned! It was just perfection. This book had it all!”



I love all of Katherine Center’s books, and this one is no exception! She has such a talent for writing characters in a way that you can’t help but adore them. I also love the way she tackles hard subjects with such optimism and positivity without ignoring their difficulty. She always manages to tug on my heartstrings and make me smile and laugh. In this story, I felt such empathy for both characters because they’d been through such traumatic events, but yet it still managed to be light hearted, sweet, and fun. I don’t know how she does it, but I’ll continue to consume it like the serotonin boost it is!”



If I could give it 6 stars, I would. What an amazing story. The characters felt too real and I was hooked from the beginning. I miss them already. Whatever you do, read this! Read it when it comes out!! Read it like your life depends on it!!!”



“This story is pure delightful perfection!”



I laughed. I cried. I felt it all. Katherine Center’s best book yet!”



This was such a cute read! I could not put this book down, even with a newborn!”



THE ROM-COMMERS is my favorite book of author Katherine Center!!! I really enjoyed the premise and all the heart and charm throughout the story. Frankly I just loved everything about this endearing love story and am so happy to have witnessed Charlie and Emma’s love. One of my favorite quotes: “Whatever story you tell yourself about your life, that’s the one that’ll be true.” “



“Love rom coms that make you swoon, and madly fall in love with the main characters. Katherine Center always seems to do just that, and her latest book is no exception. Katherine Center is right up there in my favourite rom com writers. Always giving me goosebumps.”



“I was charmed beginning to end, and when I was done I wanted to give my Kindle a hug.”



Their dialogue is funny and snappy and reminds me of the old movies with Cary Grant or Katherine Hepburn.”



I laughed uproariously and had to share the dialogue with my family who also started laughing, no context necessary. We’re still talking about some of the scenes. And reading them entirely from Emma’s voice with her very conversational style made them even more fun. But I also cried more than I have while reading in a long time. There’s a storyline about Emma serving as the caregiver for her father, and it made me feel so seen. And I felt hope and joy. I can’t say enough about how amazing this book is.”



This highly entertaining read had me right from the start, literally unputdownable. It had me laughing, it had me crying and rooting for the characters! Katherine Centre never disappoints in my book!”



I DEVOURED IT. I tried to slow myself down so that I would have it longer, but how could I do that with a Katherine Center book?”



“Warning . . . start reading this book early enough in the day so you can finish it in one sitting.”



“I forced myself to stop reading at 1:30 am at 85% done. Loved this book. Highly recommend (also make sure you go and read Katherine Center’s Hello Stranger).



I love Katherine Center. She has wonderfully deep characters that you can relate to, well researched topics, and charming dialogue. While reading The Rom-Commers I was laughing and weeping with Emma and Charlie. This book was funny, but also poignant and emotional. I will forever recommend Katherine Center to anyone who wants a well written book with emotion and lots of character growth!”



“Absolutely adored this book!! Finished it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. Love the witty banter between the two main characters and the rom com spin.”



I would encourage you to stop what you are doing right now and read The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center. Don’t let another moment go by that you have not read this story. The Rom-Commers will be my favorite book of 2024. I very very very highly recommend it!”



“It’s rare that a book renders me speechless, and this one did.”



I remain a huge fan of Katherine Center’s work, and she truly hit it out of the park with this one.”



“The characters are so personable, it’s as if you knew them. The story moves along at the perfect pace, the characters are absolutely adorable, yet relatable, and touching in so many ways. Whenever I’m done reading one of this author’s books the characters stay with me, the storyline touches my heart, and I look forward to reading another book of hers. These books are like a warmth and smile to your heart. Needless to say, I loved this book. Emma and Charlie were completely adorable from beginning to end. The friendships, the family ties, all the moving pieces made this story just wonderful on so many levels. I would recommend this book to absolutely everyone, and honestly can’t wait to re-read it. Wonderful, outstanding, and lovely book!”



“This might be my favorite Katherine Center book yet!”



This is the perfect romcom with a grumpy sunshine trope. I love how unique this story is. I’ve read many rom-coms, but this one stands out to me because we get to see so much of the main characters’ personality. This is the first book I’ve read by this author and safe to say it will not be my last.”



I love Katherine’s novels because you walk away with a sense of joy, hope and gratitude.”



“I just love Katherine Center books. This one was absolutely just as good as I thought it would be and more. The way she tells a story and weaves heartache amongst a love story is beautiful. The characters are relatable and warm and the banter between them is oh so fun. She had me rooting for both of them the whole time.”



So so so good! Katherine Center is the best! I needed this!”



“I read this delightful story in two sittings. This book is grumpy x sunshine ☀️, forced proximity, a found second family, with an amazing ending, which will likely have you in tears. Honestly, there were many parts throughout that pulled at my heartstrings.”



This author has an amazing way of making the reader feel that they are a part of the story.”



I laughed. I cried. I felt it all. Katherine Center’s best book yet!”



I ADORED THIS BOOK! It’s so heartwarming, I would just go for it. Katherine Center has never done me wrong. This book is a major swoon and if I were you I would drop everything and read. Also I love how sweet and corful the cover is–i think there are way too many cookie cutter covers these days. An all time favorite all around.”



One of the best days of my year is always when I get to read a new Katherine Center novel. Her novels are brimming with joy and banter and balanced with life’s heaviness, without it feeling completely overwhelming.”



I can’t get enough of Katherine Center, and this latest novel might be my favorite yet. I adored the grumpy-sunshine romance. The banter is top-notch and I laughed out loud at several parts—there are some great one-liners throughout.”



This book was fantastic! So clever, witty, real and heartfelt. I love Katherine’s novels because you walk away with a sense of joy, hope and gratitude. This was a beautiful story with an inspiring and uplifting ending. I’m so grateful for the chance to read her latest novel, just what my heart needed.”



“This book is laugh out loud funny from page one and gives you all the feels!”



It was genuinely an amazing book and I just loved it. Katherine Center is an author I will always automatically read and this book is the exact reason why.”



“I am a huge fan of Katherine Center as she just exudes joy! This book did not disappoint. It was a quick and enjoyable read! The funny dialogue, Emma’s dedication to her father, the emotional ups and downs I felt … ALL THE FEELS!”



“I have struggled to read a digital or print book for 2 years but when I got approved for the galley of The Rom-Commers I set out to finish it before March. Well, I finished it in 2 days! I couldn’t put it down, responsibilities be damned!”



Katherine is one of my drop everything and read it immediately authors. And this is exactly what I did last night. I read it from 830pm to midnight. I couldn’t put it down. It was a fantastic read.”






All the feels!💗 As always, I love the hope and joy that is portrayed in Katherine’s books!”



I LOVE Katherine Center so when I saw this one come in I literally dropped everything else and started in. I of course couldn’t get enough of this love story.”



I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved the business case for hope, love and joy that Center imbues in this work. With care and craft, Center shows us the power of writing your own story, and choosing how you see the world. As Center says, ‘It’s all about the details you notice. And the joys you savor. And the hope you refused to give up on.'”



I loved it. I loved it so much. We’re going to do my favorite review style here, which is where I just give you my text messages to my friend as I read it: I didn’t know it existed. And now I have my next book on lock… She is so fucking funny… I have to work now but I just want to read this book. Which is always the best… It’s got all of the messy little Katherine Center things… He has shared custody of a guinea pig with his ex wife. The guinea pig is named Cuthbert. It is as adorable as you expect it to be… I am on page 281 of 308. So yeah… It might be my favorite of her books so far. It’s hitting ALL of my sweet spots… I just finished it. It was so good. I didn’t even know it existed at this time yesterday. And now I’ll have to wait for like 9 months to talk to you about it. This book is charming and funny and messy and sweet, and you’re going to love it.”



Don’t let another moment go by that you have not read this story.”



Katherine Center knows how to tug at a reader’s heartstrings. The Rom-Commers delivers on every level. I laughed, cried, and finished this book believing that dreams do come true. It gets all the ⭐️.”



AMAZING. Whenever I learn of a new ARC available for Katherine Center, I arrange my schedule to read it immediately and I never ever am disappointed with that decision. The Rom-Commers by Katherine Center is another solid novel of love, forgiveness, community, and friendship. There are tears, laughter, grief, and joy intertwined to perfection. The connection between Emma and Charlie is everything and the way they show up for each other is true swoon worthy material. Highly, highly recommend.”



This book sparkles with wit and humor, but the more you read the more layers are revealed in both Emma and Charlie: their fears, their grief, their inadequacies, their doubts, their pain, their hopes and ambitions. And I could FEEL all of those things. Their interactions were sublime, intimate, sometimes comical, sometimes frustrating, often raw and honest; but with each glance, each inadvertent touch, each argument, each kind and thoughtful gesture, the walls between them slowly come down and I was there for all of it. There are so many memorable scenes, and I highlighted so many passages! Did I mention that I cried? Full on sobbing and tears!! I also laughed and sighed and simply enjoyed my time with them, not wanting to say goodbye.”



This was my first Katherine Center book and it definitely won’t be my last. From the first chapter I was immediately hooked, there’s something about her writing that just draws you in. The characters were so lovable and I absolutely adored the banter between Emma and Charlie. This was the perfect read to pull me out of a book slump.”



“Just a tip: if you are going to read this book, start early in the day because you are not gonna want to put it down until it’s done!”



WOW is all I have to say! From the first chapter, I was immediately hooked and knew this book was going to be great. Katherine’s writing style just draws you in and manages to touch your soul throughout her book. The main characters were so lovable. I completely adored the banter between Emma and Charlie. The friendships, family ties, and all the moving pieces made this story wonderful on all kinds of levels. This book is fun, lighthearted, and will make you believe in the power of love and how important it is to chase your dreams.”



I think it’s easily her best yet. The emotional and character depth, the unique plot line, the conclusion. This book is truly beautifully written and deserves way more than 5 stars!”



So… I’m a big dummy and hadn’t read any of Katherine Center’s books until now, even though I know they are beloved by a gazillion people. My only excuse is that it’s only been over the past year or so that I figured out that I deeply love rom-coms, and books like this are exactly why. There was great, legitimately hilarious banter, wacky situations, heartfelt moments — all of the things (except steam, which, honestly, felt like kind of a relief). I have a lot of (fun!) catching up to do on Center’s books!”



I love anything and everything Katherine Center writes and this book was no exception. She takes all of her books to another level with depth and character development. I loved Emma and Charlie’s banter and the whole unique storyline. This is such a heartwarming story that I stayed up way too late reading. Can’t wait for the next Katherine Center book!”



“This book is a rom-com about rom-coms and it could not have been more perfect!!”



When I read a book and I want to highlight almost every single sentence! Yep, that is how I feel about this wonderful story!”



Katherine Center has always been an auto-read author for me, but y’all she has outdone it with this one! I almost never highlight my books, but there’s so many great paragraphs (some hilarious, but mostly sweet🥹) that I’m so glad I read on kindle so I could mark these.The characters – I die. I LOVED them, every single one, even the ‘minor’ characters, like the guinea pig hahaha. The grand gestures, the epilogue, I could go on. Just do yourself a favor and preorder it.”



I discovered Katherine Center‘s books last year and she is now a permanent addition to my must read list. Additionally, she is the author, I continuously recommend to friends and family. Nobody does witty banter between love interests like her.



She’s done it again, and of course I knew she would. I loved every minute of this book. I didn’t want it to end and that’s how you know it’s special. Center created a world where the characters are all so vivid and clear, the setting was a place I could clearly picture in my mind, and the struggles and conflicts felt authentic. I was completely enthralled.”



This book is a warm hug in the form of a story.”



Stop, drop, and preorder this book right now. Quirky, fun, romantic, emotional, thoughtful, hopeful, and absolutely full of character growth. I love Katherine Center and her books.”



“Katherine Center can make no mistake in my eyes. Her latest The Rom-Commers is no exception. The dialogue, the premise of each story, chemistry between characters is what I live for in a romantic story. In this one Katherine Center utilizes the first person POV and I loved it. As always, I really can’t wait for her next book. 5⭐️”



What a wonderful story! Katherine Center has created another beautiful book that tugs at your heartstrings. It’s a grumpy/sunshine trope but so much more!”



Katherine Center consistently impresses me with her storytelling prowess. Having read into arcs of her last three books, I can confidently say that she never fails to captivate me. In a genre that often teeters on the edge of cheesiness with overused tropes, Center manages to infuse her narratives with an irresistible charm. I found myself LOLing and close to tears multiple times, a testament to the emotional depth and humor she seamlessly weaves into her work. I will always look forward to her new books.”



Okay, everyone!! Katherine Center has outdone herself. This book right here….is so good I could spit!”



Katherine Center does it again!”



Katherine Center always writes the best dialogue with the most bantery characters that you just want so badly to fall in love. The dedication to the romance genre is so clear and this book is like a love letter to “Romance” and “Rom-Coms.” This could be the book that makes you a romance fan if you aren’t yet! 😉 I cried literal tears while I read this book and didn’t want to put it down. Loved it!”



I needed a book to give me some sunshine in these dreary winter days and this absolutely delivered! There were moments in this book where I laughed, cried, and felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Katherine Center certainly has a way with words and developing such lovable and relatable characters. This book did not disappoint! I loved Emma and Charlie and as I was reading felt like I was watching an actual rom-com. Highly recommend this book!”



I can’t find the right words to adequately describe my love for this book. I LOVED the characters, I LOVED the banter, I LOVED the message. It was just a perfect book about how life is imperfect, but how it can be made better and easier and more lovely with the right people by your side. It’s my new favorite romcom.” 💕



Beautiful, heartwarming, heart-pounding. Highly recommend, even if rom-coms aren’t really your thing.”



Oh my goodness! Katherine Center you have done it again! I LOVED this book!! It was exactly what I needed at the beginning of a new year. This I think is actually my favorite read from Katherine. I thought it was written so beautifully. But it was also so much fun! There were so many times that I was laughing out loud. I felt the connection between the characters and was rooting for them the entire time.”



When a book gets me to feel so many feelings it’s an automatic win and an easy 5 stars. I can see this will easily be one of my favorite reads.”



This is a true enemy to friends to more romance. I want to encourage anyone wanting to read a romance or rom-com book to start with this story. It is a rom-com inside a rom-com. Katherine Center writes an ideal story and educates you on the rom-com genre. You DO NOT want to miss reading this charming, loving, and forgiving story of redemption.”



Beautiful. Hilarious. Heart-wrenching. Unique. I went into this book completely blind. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because Katherine has never written a book I haven’t adored. Up until this book How To Walk Away was my favorite of his. But this book really hit me hard. I loved every second of it. This truly was a beautiful book! Mark your calendars because this is a must read.”


I already know this is going to be one of my top reads of the year.



“Another winner from Katherine Center!”



“Katherine Center truly is one of my favorite authors in the world, I absolutely love how she writes a story!!! I adored Emma the entire story, she really feels like an extension of Katherines personality. She was hilarious and so relatable at times. Charrrlliieeee, listen—one of the best character growths I have read. I wanted to hate him so much and every time there was something telling me that I need to love him. He really is perfectly written because I feel like he is a real life person and I’m so sad he’s not. Again, this just solidified my love for Katherine Centers books!!!!!!!! She really knows how to write characters that are so lovable and enjoyable. I love her ability to write a romance book that feels totally unique. I highly recommend this book to romance readers.”



This book made me feel so joyful.



Whatever story you tell yourself about your life, that’s the one that’ll be true.’ I loved the way this story unfolded. This book tells the story of second chances and choosing gratitude and also how changing the way you see everything can really help you love others more. If you haven’t discovered Katherine Center yet—I’m envious of all those who get to read her books for the first time.”



This wasn’t only joyful, it was a celebration of joy. It wasn’t only a love story, it was a celebration of love stories. It wasn’t only only a book about writers, it was a celebration of the act of writing.”