My TEDx Talk is about how important it is to encourage boys to read stories about girls—stories that put boys in the shoes of female main characters so that they can practice empathizing with folks on the other side of the gender divide.   As things stand in our storytelling culture, the vast majority of […]

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Katherine Center Book 6

Novel numero SIX!

So I just turned in my sixth novel!  We haven’t even begun to edit it, and the title is still TBD, and it’s still early days (because it won’t go on sale for a year or so)–but I have that giddy, in-love feeling you get when you’ve just written something with some real magic in […]

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This about sums it up for me.

The lovely and hilarious Karen Walrond and I just collaborated on a project. I started out wanting to make a book trailer for my new book, but we wound up doing a video about my writing process. That’s me talking in the video, trying to say something coherent about why I write the kinds of […]

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