world-famous tortilla soup!

Natasha Maw's first batch of my famous tortilla soup!Last summer, reader and blogger Natasha Maw did an interview with me on her Maw Books Blog.  One of her questions was about a tomato-lime soup that I’d written about in The Bright Side of Disaster.  She thought the soup sounded good, and wondered if I had the recipe.

Of course, many of things in works of fiction are made up.  I could easily have just been conjuring a soup that sounded good.  But this soup, it just so happens, found its way into Bright Side because it is my very favorite soup in all the world and one of the yummiest things I know how to cook.

So it’s real, and I gave her the recipe.  And she published it with the interview.  And now that fall is here and it’s good soup weather, she tried it.

Here is the title of her post:  “Katherine Center Wasn’t Kidding! Yummiest soup EVER!!”

And here is a bowl of the beautiful batch she made:

Yay, Natasha!  So glad you liked it!