video: make your own luck

I’ve just made a new trailer for Get Lucky that tries to feel a little bit like the book.

I was super-lucky to get to use photos taken by my beautiful pal Andrea Jenkins of Hula Seventy, who is an amazing photographer, artist, blogger, and mama.  Beyond amazing, actually.

I’ve been trying to make this video for a while.  I’ve had the images and music lined up forever.  But I had trouble finding the right words.  I tried reading a few different book excerpts, but nothing was right. So I finally put the whole project aside.

And it’s amazing how, with creative things, NOT thinking about a problem so often solves it.  Or, at least, not concentrating on a problem.  I just kind of put this video project on a shelf in the back of my head and did a gazillion other things for a while.

And then, the other day, my husband was messing around online, and he said, “You should make a word cloud out of the first chapter of Get Lucky.”

Y’all know what word clouds are, right?  Word clouds lay out words from a piece of writing visually.


And as soon as I heard my husband say that, I also heard a little “ding!”  The ding of my mind finally, suddenly, knowing with total certainty exactly what to do.  Like magic.  My very favorite kind of magic.

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 2.14.21 PM

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 2.15.06 PM