what I’m working on

I’m taking a little break from novel-writing this week to make a video essay for the upcoming Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston.

My friend Laura has organized an art show during the conference that will try to honor the amazing things that women are doing online–and the way that having a public place that we can access from our private lives helps moms reach out and tell their stories.  And how women telling the truth about their lives can make us all better, wiser, more compassionate people–and make the world a better place.

Laura’s asked me to make a video essay about it that’ll play at the show.

This is the stuff of great conversations–hours spent over coffee chipping away at why it’s so powerful to hear other women’s stories and to tell your own.  For the video, I’ll have about 2 minutes.

But the images, from Shutter Sisters, are going to be gorgeous.  And I will certainly try like heck to do them justice.