the long-awaited kitten post

I apologize for the Blair Witch quality of the kitten photos.  But they do illuminate some true things:

1.  My camera spends too much time at the bottom of my enormous purse–down with the pretzel crumbs and dessicated granola bars.

2. A small person in my house (and I’m not naming any names) threw the camera across the yard recently.


3.  The kitten is pretty fast.


4.  The kitten is a fluffer-nutter.  A Twitter pal asked me what a fluffer-nutter was, and I’ll admit that a fluffer-nutter is a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow creme that my friend Sam used to love to eat back in college.  But there it is.


5.  The kitten gets carried a lot.  More than she ever dreamed possible.


6.  I’m teaching her to sit on my shoulder.  Because it’s either that or the keyboard.

7.  We’re not totally settled on a name.  For now, we are trying many things.  Chloe.  Sunshine.  Clo-clo.  Clo-cakes.  Fluffinator.  My friend Cate used to call her dog Little Snickety Snacks, and we may throw that in from time to time as well.

8.  Here’s a great thing about cats.  They always wear that same deadpan expression.