style with style

I grew up with The Elements of Style, but I guarantee my copy was nowhere near this gorgeous. Maybe it’s time for a new one. I might need to get it for the illustrations alone.


These illustrations are by Maira Kalman, who also has a gorgeous and super-fantastic illustrated blog for The New York Times.  Her last blog for them, called The Principles of Uncertainty, is now a book, too–and I want it for my birthday (if you’d like to send me a gift). She does a lot of New Yorker covers, of course and lots of children’s books.  I LOVE her work like crazy. I wish I had 50 of these to hang all over my house.


And if you’re looking for a way to spend a couple of lovely minutes, go check out the movie she made for The Elements of Style.  Lovely.


And now that I’ve seen her give a talk about her work, I’m officially in love.  She’s brilliant, and I wish I could go spend a week with her in New York and get her to tell me about everything she’s ever painted.