praise for Get Lucky

“[A] thoroughly enjoyable girlish romp.”
– Library Journal

“Center delivers an original, engaging, and touching novel populated with quirky and lovable characters, and ripe for discovery by readers looking for a cheering read.”
– Booklist

“Center has hit a home run with Get Lucky . . . There is no other author out there who does women’s fiction better.”
– Wendy Robards, book blogger

“Center’s prose is charming and funny.”
– The Houston Press

“A hilarious and touching take on what it means to be a grown-up, Get Lucky asks the quintessential question of whether we can ever go home again. You can’t help but root for Sarah right until the end, and will no doubt laugh and cry with her along the way. A must-read.”
– Julie Buxbaum, author of The Opposite of Love and After You

“Center is a master of creating modern hero(ine) journeys, and this is one of her best.”
Book Club Classics

“Center presents a fresh take on the bond between sisters with this engaging and colorful family drama.”
– Cincinnati Public Library

“Center has a talent of giving personalities to even the most mundane characters.  She makes it easy for readers to fall in love with the people in her books.  The reader becomes invested in the future of these characters; once you start one of her books, you can’t stop until it’s finished.”

S. Krishna, book blogger