popcorn art

Summer is really not my season.  Or I suppose I should say, Texas summer is not my season.  Or climate.  If we lived in Nova Scotia, I might well love summer best of all.

But down here in Houston, it’s hot.  Summer is mostly about coping for me.  Going out in the steamy, hot, mosquito-ridden out of doors as seldom as possible.  Keeping the a/c set at 74.

And it’s rained a lot this summer.  Great for plants.  Less great for stir-crazy children.

We’ve had to get creative.

Like on the day my daughter realized that her piece of popcorn looked like a bug’s face.  And so we got out the watercolors and painted it. And then we made a whole family of bugs-on-toothpicks and then stuck the toothpicks–why not?–in an apple core that was still on the cutting board.  And then took photos.

Which all just reconfirms what I already know about art.  And about life.  That necessity is the mother of invention.