our kitchen windowsill

I spend a lot of time looking at this windowsill.

It’s right above our kitchen sink and right across from the stove, so here I am most nights, chopping, grating, and sautéeing things.

Right now, in spring, the back door is always open when I’m there, and the kids are usually out back. I listen to them while I cook and shout things like, “Do not drop that brick!  Bricks are painful!”

This is my favorite time of year in Texas. The air is like silk.

I know that not every moment in life can be lazy and dreamy and filled with the smell of onions cooking.  And spring is always bittersweet because it’s inevetably followed, in Texas, by summers with wall-to-wall heat that wants to kill you.

But summer’s not here yet.  Right now, it’s still spring.  And everything is tender and hopeful and new.  And I love standing by this window and cooking dinner.  Especially when great songs come on the radio.