my ikea hack

So I went to Ikea the other day.  And I bought this clock.

I’d been looking online for something cheery for our kitchen, but I hadn’t found anything.  And I was getting impatient, because I kept glancing at the bare wall where a clock should have been.

This one seemed fine.  And cheap!  And kinda retro.


And while I was there, I grabbed these napkins.  Just because I thought they were pretty.


And then it hit me that the napkins might look nice on the clock!

So I grabbed my scissors, and some Mod Podge, and I cut little petals out of the napkins and glued the petals around in a scallopy border.


But then the clockface itself looked a little plain.  A little sad.

So I decoupaged a few flowers in the middle.  And painted a few highlights.


Now we just need to figure out how to hang it so it doesn’t fall off the wall when the back door slams (like our last 3 kitchen wall clocks have).

I loved making this clock!  The cutting!  The pasting!  The sense of anticipation!  I had the song “La Vie En Rose” going through my head the whole time.  Especially my favorite line:  “Everyday words seem to turn into love songs.”

That’s something I need to remind myself next time I feel sad.  I am always happy when I’m making things.