The images in the Mom 2.0: Defining a Movement video that I made all came from real photographers–women who are working on their craft every day.  I am not a real photographer.  But I did sneak in one of my own photos when I made the video.  Just one.

This one’s mine.

It’s a heart I made for my daughter on a day when she was performing in an assembly at school, but I wasn’t allowed to be there.  (It was Grandparents’ Day! Only room for grandparents!).  I so wanted to be there!  And I was far more nervous than she was at the prospect of her reciting a memorized paragraph in front of a giant auditorium.  But it made me feel better to make this and know that she had it with her.

She , of course, did great at the assembly.  As is so often the case with mothering, I worried over nothing.  But she still keeps this heart in her backpack, and  takes it with her to school every day.  And I’m so glad she has it.