kid-art wallpaper

So, as you know, when you have kids, you acquire a lot of kid art.  And a huge amount of it is completely awesome.  And the fact that your child made it makes it even more awesome–even if it’s only, like, a scribble that you’ve been told is “a weasel.”

Last spring, I decided that I was going to turn our house into a kid art gallery and just put those gorgeous things up on our walls.  All of our walls.  Everywhere.


And guess what?  With almost every wall covered in kid-art, the house started to feel a little, um,  jumbled.

At some point it hit me that even when those spaces were clean, they didn’t feel that way.  So I decided to revise.

I took it all down from around the house and smushed it all together in one place: our staircase.

Here’s the stairway before:


And here’s the stairway after:




And I know what you might be thinking: That with this design move, I’ve gone from a little bit jumbled to super-crazy jumbled.  And for the stairway, that’s true.  You can’t use the stairs without being surrounded, dwarfed, and — hell — engulfed by kid art.

But the rest of the house?  Much better.

And I don’t know what Martha Stewart would say, but, for me, the staircase is much better, too.