great review for EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL!

41umn8uhlrl_sl500_aa240_1The first blog review for Everyone Is Beautiful is in, and it’s great.  Marcia at The Printed Page, starts her review like this: “This book is LOL funny in parts and tackles serious subject matter with a light hand and wisdom in others. The first 5 chapters had my spouse yelling down from upstairs for me to please ‘be quiet’ as he was trying to get some shut eye.”

She goes on to write, “I felt like I was visiting with my girlfriends. We’re conversing, and commiserating, about our lives and loves. Our daily routines and the ruts we’ve fallen into. The grind of holding a family together and finding time for the ‘you and me’ in a marriage . . . This book is engaging, appealing and down to earth. “