en fuego

Dear Kelly Rae Roberts,

Thank you for setting me on fire.


I’ve made another collage, and now I’m walking around today with an excited kind of tickle in my body.  It’s that same feeling I get when I’m in the groove with a story–a feeling of creation, of expression, of doing something that only I can do.

It’s nice to use all the senses.  For me, writing is really about hearing.  It’s about the music and rhythm of the language.  I hear the stories talking, and I write them down.  But collage, of course, is about the eyes–and it’s so fun to do visual things.

Sometimes it’s frustrating to have a brain like mine.  Like when I can’t figure out what day it is.  Or when I’ve lost my keys again.  But when I’m making things, like I am so often these days ever since Lovebomb, it’s pretty great.