this book will change your life

I just had a crazy couple of days meeting and visiting with feminist superstar Naomi Wolf.  She’s written many famous books, but the one that I have dog-eared and underlined on my bookshelf of favorites is The Beauty Myth–a book I read just out of college.  It profoundly altered my thinking about issues of beauty in women’s lives.  It’s defnitely in my Top Five nonfiction books.  It might even be in my Top One.

And here’s the crazy thing:  The new edition of The Beauty Myth has a new cover–with the EXACT SAME cupcake girl that my new novel Everyone Is Beautiful has on the cover.  (Minus the cupcake, of course).


Did I mention how much I adore that cupcake girl?  I just know we’d be great friends.  If she were, you know, real.

Even crazier is that Everyone Is Beautiful actually mentions The Beauty Myth by name as a book the characters are reading.

By the way, my sister also got to chat with Naomi, and my sister showed her the note I wrote in the copy of The Beauty Myth that I gave her some 15 years ago:  “This book will change your life.”