before & after

The furnishings in our house have been going downhill for a while.  Kid life has been hard on my decorating skills.  We have a great time here and laugh a lot.  But let’s just say, decor-wise, my house is not even in the neighborhood of its potential.

And so, one by one, I’m going to tackle little projects to try and perk our decor back up.

For example, today I hung some paper lanterns that have been in storage since our wedding–nine years ago.  They’re from Restoration Hardware, and we thought they were so breathtaking that we got a bunch of them and hung them all around my mother’s backyard.   Then, after the wedding, we carefully folded them up and put them away.

Until today.  When it suddenly occurred to me it was crazy to waste them in a closet.  So I hung them up above the bed.

Here’s the before:


And here’s the after!