back to me…


A local Houston paper called The Examiner ran a profile of me today.  It’s so fun to see things starting to rev up for the release of Everyone Is Beautiful (only 2 weeks to go!).  Here’s how writer Melissa Buron describes the new book (review to come later):

“Everyone is Beautiful follows the trials and tribulations of a young mother as she relocates to Boston with her family. The novel is part mommy lit, part chick lit and part red hot romance. Readers, especially new moms, will identify with the main character’s struggle to balance parental responsibility with adult needs and desires.”

I love that phrase “red hot romance”!  And I resolve right now to start using it every chance I get.

Here’s an excerpt from their interview with me:

You’re a mom, wife and writer. What would a normal busy day look like for you?

1. Get up.

2. Feed, clothe, and brush teeth of everyone in the house — except husband.

3. Meet five-year-old’s carpool in the driveway while three-year-old gets naked in the house and makes a potion out of hand lotion, toothpaste, milk and red pepper flakes.

4. Re-enter house and watch in slow-motion as three-year-old spills potion on living room rug.

4. Chase, cajole and point sternly at three-year-old until he consents to put on his underpants.

5. Drop son at pre-school and meet up with sister for an invigorating walk.


5. Drop son at pre-school and race home to get ready for a luncheon or a book club visit.


5. Drop son at pre-school and race home to nap. (Because napping and writing are like Oreos and milk).


5. Drop son at pre-school and spend the morning in a fugue state of writing.

6. Forget to go to the grocery store.

7. Forget to start a load of laundry.

8. Remember to take a shower.

9. Remember to pick up carpool.

10. Goof around in the backyard with kids until Daddy comes home.

11. Make dinner and listen to NPR while husband tickles children in living room.

Then either:

12. Get fancy and hand children over to husband while I go give a talk or visit a book club.

OR, more likely:

12. Calf-wrangle children upstairs into the tub and read to them while they splash. Then, in a joint effort with husband: plead, cajole, and point sternly at children until they fall asleep.

13. Talk with husband about how cute children are. Marvel at how we lucked out.

14. Write, read, or look at real estate I will never buy online.

16. Go to sleep with fingers crossed that everybody sleeps through the night.