all my exes live in Marfa

Did I say “all”?  I actually meant “none.”

But an old friend of one of my exes — who apparently bought his car — does.

Here’s what I’m saying:  There is no way to describe how bizarre it is to drive into a tiny town that’s 3 hours into the desert from El Paso and look up to see your high school boyfriend’s Suburban.

But that’s the magic of Marfa, I guess.

My pal Laura, capturing the moment.

I went with a batch of writer and blogger friends on a trip sponsored by Bright Sky Press for personal tour of the town by author John DeMers, who has just written a mystery called Marfa Shadows.

Of course, my own book just came out the other week, and things are a little bit busy at my house, but I could not resist the siren song of Marfa.

Or, more accurately, of the folks who would be there.

Jenny, Monica, Nancy, and Laura (also got to meet Bossy)

Katie, wearing the greatest beret in the history of the world.

I thought it might literally kill me to go. But my sweet husband took the kids for the weekend and insisted I do it anyway.

Some things, he said, you just don’t skip.

And that’s true.  Some experiences go looking for you.

And you just have to let yourself be found.