9 great things about my husband

It’s my 9-year wedding anniversary this week.  (Nine years married, fifteen together.) And so, a nine-best ode to my awesome husband.  Here are nine great things about him — though, really, I could go on and on:

9.  The mustache.


8.  The pants.


7.  The way he is so completely stoked to have a wife who’s a writer.

6.  The way he wrestles with our kids.  And reads to them endlessly.  And plays soldiers.  And takes them to the library.


5. The way he’s completely exhausted at the end of the day, but he fakes it so well the kids never know.

4.  The way he always wants to help.


3.  The way he always looks for what’s right instead of what’s wrong.

2.  The way he says something funny about every 60 seconds.

1.  The sweet and amazing email he sent me on the morning of our anniversary.  Which I think I’ll just keep to myself.